Fall in the vineyard tasting room


Our harvests have been better than expected and we have had excellent results from both of our wine makers.  As we continue to expand, we will fully exploit the quality our small vineyard has to offer and keep the production to roughly 250 cases per varietal per year.  As new varietals are added, we will build in the quality controls and continue our pursuit of excellence.  All of our estate grapes are grown on the sunny south facing slopes of the Rogue Valley and get the small vineyard care and attention to enable the best quality for exceptional wines. Read more about our varietals. Print this form to buy wine. Join our wine club (form).

White Wines

  • 2012 Viognier ($22 / $17.60). More of the citrus flavors you might get from the French styles.
  • 2014 Viognier ($22 / $17.60). Clean, crisp and flavorful. Fermented in neutral barrels. Honeysuckle nose, apple and peach flavors. Great with fish and salads.
  • 2015 Sauvignon Blanc ($22 / $17.60). Fresh, bright and classic. Aged in neutral oak, this wine is more of a traditional Sauvignon Blanc with hints of green apple and pear.


  • 2011 “Vionillo” ($28 / $22.40). Light, fruity and earthy. Serve chilled or room temperature (64).
  • 2012 “Vionillo” ($28 / $22.40). Deep bold and fruity. You still taste the fruit from the Viognier, yet balanced with the boldness of Tempranillo which makes this a big bold fruity wine.
  • 2013 "Vionillo" ($28 / $22.40). Crisp, clean and fruity. Best chilled.

Red Wines

  • 2011 Malbec ($30 / $24). Fruit forward. Medium-bodied flavors of plums and blackberry.
  • 2012 Malbec ($30 / $24). Big, Bold and wonderful! Always a house favorite.
  • 2011 Tempranillo ($30 / $24). Medium bodied, peppery and full of flavor.
  • 2012 Tempranillo ($30 / $24). Full bodied; fruit forward with plum and strawberries. Hints of spice.
  • 2013 Mourvèdre ($35 / $28). Smooth, full bodied loaded with classic juicy plum, current and toasted coffee flavors. This wine has a spicy finish with subtle tannins. A new house favorte!